Restaurant Miyagawa

お食事処 宮川

Go down hill from the University of Shimane until reach the route 186 and turn left, go eastward for about 500 meters, just before you come to Imamiya Tunnel, Restaurant Miyagawa is located on your left side.

The restaurant serves fresh fishes, which are caught every morning from Hamada port. If you would like to enjoy seafood menu, this is the right place to visit. “Omakase Miyagawa” (おまかせ宮川) include Sashimi, fried prawns, fried fishes, an omelet with demi-glace sauce, Chawan-mushi (a custard-like dish containing shrimp, mushrooms, vegetables) and soft boiled egg with yam.
*An omelet and fried food can be changed to boiled food and grilled fish.

Other options
・Miyagawa Teishoku (宮川定食)
・Niyakko Teishoku (煮やっこ定食) ‘Niyakko’…Boiled tofu with sugar and soy source.
・Fillet-cutlet Teishoku (ヒレカツ定食) ‘Fillet-cutlet’…Deep fry cutlet of fillet”
・Shoga-yaki Teishoku (生姜焼き定食) ‘Shogayaki’…Ginger-flavored slices of fried pork”

There are two types of seat inside the restaurant. One is with a low table (4 seats×3) and the other one is counter (8 seats). The restaurant is a relaxing place..

Restaurant Miyagawa
Address: 2524 Sugido Cho Hamada City
Tell: 0855-22-6710
Open : 11am−15pm
Close: irregular
Free parking area are available



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