Climbing Mount Sanbe


It took about an hour and half to see this scene. This picture is from the top of Otoko Sanbe, 1126m.
When you climb mountain, please make sure to wear appropriate clothes to let you move around freely.
The charm of climbing Mt. Sanbe is that you can see where you climbed and where you will go next. You have a great feeling of satisfaction at having reached the summit when you rest.

There are only Japanese HP and details about Sanbe map. This is for your information, climbing mountain will be a great experience and great exercise. There are no toilets at the summit!

Ohda City Tourism Association Secretariat
Tel: 0854-89-9090
Fax: 0854-89-9089
Address: I826 Omorimachi, Ohda City
http: (Both sites are Japanese only)



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