The restaurant looks fine on the outside! Few people know that it used to be a convenience store here. This is why this building is a squarish shape.

The restaurant is a little bit dark. You can enjoy delicious food and a sophisticated atmosphere. This restaurant is good for family, date and friends. Lunch time is only 3 hours (11-2). So we strongly recommend you reserve in advance to make sure you have a seat.

They serve various dishes. You can enjoy Japanese food – a bowl of rice – , spaghetti and so on.

Bibi also runs a bar in the evenings. At night, lots of people come and enjoy alcoholic drinks which are from all over the world. (I can’t write about this because we visited here in the daytime!)

There is a large parking lot. When you drive north on route 9, you will see the above black squarish building.It’s next to a gas station and opposite  convenience store ‘Poplar’.

Japanese Dining Bar = Bibi =

941-1 Watazu town Gotsu city Shimane prefecture

11:00 ~ 14:00 (Last order 13:30)

17:00 ~ 23:00 (Last order 22:30)

Tel 0855 – 52 – 6162 (Japanese only)

(Written by Takuya)


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