Mamechaka & Apli

Mamechaka and Apli are small but cute cafes on the edge of Honmachi where you can still see old buildings. These two are in same area so you can enjoy meals from Mamechaka and unique sweets from Apli. Outside Mamechaka and Apli, unique colorful art welcomes you. Inside the café you’ll find friendly staff and fashionable furniture. You can enjoy its cozy atmosphere.The menu is also good. They have an omelet containing fried rice, an omelet containing fried rice with hamburger steak. Mamechaka lunch is also popular. You can choose one main dish from meat or fish. If you order Wazawaza lunch, you can choose two main dishes. For dessert, you can enjoy an original parfait, handmade cakes, and so on.

They have a take-out menu too. For example, omelet containing fried rice with hashed meat sauce, omelet with hamburger steak, some cookies, cakes, pizza and so on. If you make reservations in advance, you can get hors d’oeuvre and birthday cakes. You can choose from decoration cakes, chocolate cakes and cheese cake.

 Basically they open their café only for lunch time (11:00AM ~ 5:00 PM) and only in summer (June ~ September ). You can enjoy dinner on Friday and Saturday. At night time, you can enjoy Omakase- a dinner menu where, you can chose two main dishes and have one soft drink. If you choose the Beer course and a la carte, you can have fried chicken, spring rolls and so on. If you make reservations in advance, you can have a party.

 But the regular holiday and the business time sometimes change so please check their blog or websites! This is picture of candle night. Check  out their events on their blog and websites!


Mamechaka  Apli

Business hours : 11:00AM ~ 5:00 PM

(11:00AM ~ 9:00PM in June to September)

Regular holiday : Monday

Address : 46, Gotsu town, Gotsu city, Shimane

Phone number : 0855-53-6883 (Japanese only)


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