This is a French restaurant located in Masuda. Please check the website below for directions.

Lunch time:11:30~14:00

There are many delicious lunches.


・Jardin’s  set lunch  ¥1,000

–Salad, Main dish (grilled chicken with grated radish source), Bread or Rice, Soft drink

・Pork hamburger steak ¥1,200

–Salad, Onion soup, Pork hamburger steak with Japanese style white sauce,

–Bread or Rice, Soft drink

・Half and half lunch ¥1,500

–Salad, Main dish (2 dishes on one plate), Bread or Rice, Soft drink

・Course meals

–Camomile ¥2,200

–Marguerite ¥3,200

–Saintpaulia ¥4,300

–Cattleya ¥5,300

They have a homepage where you can see more photographs.


I tried the Camomile course and it was delicious! I felt comfortable during staying there because servers were kind. They can speak a little English because there is a private English class near this restaurant so even if you can’t speak much Japanese you should be able to communicate.

I hope you can spend great time there.

(written by Shiho)


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