Misumi is a little suburb of Hamada, next to the city of Masuda,  famous for its flowers. Don’t miss the hillside around Misumi Shrine during early May when the entire mountain turns red and pink thanks to the azaleas in full bloom. Earlier in the year you can see the first flowers of Spring  when the plum blossoms open. There are several famous cherry trees around here, including the immense Ohira Sakura.

The gardens of Ryuunji are spectacular but so secluded that you won’t believe that such a beautiful place is so quiet.Kids will enjoy spotting tadpoles, frogs, and newts in the ponds.

The Sekisho Art Gallery is also a pleasant little museum built in the style of an Italian church,  featuring the work of a local artist, and it has a great little cafe. A short distance from here is Sekishu Washi Kaiakan where you can try your hand at traditional paper making for  a small fee.

If more outdoorsy activities are your thing: paddle at Orii ( local people say currents are strong so don’t swim) or climb Mount Taima.  Taima also has a pleasant Japanese garden and there is a small festival during the Golden Week holidays.


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