Craft House – Making a welcome board

To the east of Hamada city in Onan cho, there is a good place to enjoy fun activities.
At Ko-boku no mori park, people can enjoy camping, making natural crafts, going to a hot spring or going for a walk in the beautiful herb garden.
At the craft house, you can enjoy shopping for lovely natural goods or join a workshop to make your own original works. There are many kinds of things to make and you can choose from ten varieties of crafts.  When we visited, we made a welcome board or stand. All the items you need to make crafts, including scissors, glue guns, and decorations, such as papers, ribbons, nuts, or dried flower are available.  All we had to do was decided how to decorate at wooden board or wire stand.  I asked the staff, “How long does it usually take people to make their craft?” She answered, “It depends on the person. Some people take only thirty minutes and some may take two or three hours.”  I took about one hour to make my welcome board. Some of my friends finished earlier and went for a walk around the herb garden. I really enjoyed making crafts and seeing the crafts made by my friends.  It cost only 800 yen to make welcome board.

If you like handmade items, I recommend a visit to the Craft House and make your own original goods and enjoy shopping.


Address : 7154-10 Yagami Onan-cho  Ochi-gun Shimane

Open : 10:00 am~5:00pm

Closed : Tuesdays

Tel : 0855-95-2369 (Japanese only.) If you are bringing a large group, it’s a good idea to make reservations.

( by Natsuki)


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