Cafe Cagliari

If you walk down the main street in Omori Ginzan, you will find a traditional cafe — Cafe Cagliari. It’s an original Italian cafe. You can try iced coffee, original Italian espresso, green-tea and home-made juice, and several cakes, such as chocolate brownies,

In summer, its speciality is ”salty mango”, a delicious kind of smoothie made with mango. But in order to cut down on the sugar content, they add rose salt.

IMG_3592          IMG_3598

And you can choose whether to sit at a tatami or a table.

IMG_3591       IMG_3599

In addition, as Japan’s biggest Cagliari Espresso coffee shop, they import coffee direct from Italy and send it to other shops around Japan. So, it’s a good choice to buy coffee as a souvenir. So, why not come to Cafe Cagliari to order a cup of coffee and  listen to stories of coffee by the shop manager while you drink it?

IMG_3594        IMG_3596

Home page:

Address: 151-1 Ohmori, Ohdashi, Shimane, Japan

Tel: 0854-89-0818 ( Japanese only)



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