Chairlift and Tonomachi road

【Chair lift / Tsuwano castle ruins (チェアリフト/津和野城址)】

TEL : (0856)  72 – 0376

Ticket :  Adult \ 450    Child \ 400

Open : 10am ~ 5pm

(Service is temporarily suspended for remodeling ; Dec. 2010 to 28 Feb. 2011)


To reach Tsuwano Castle Ruins, there is a lift on the way to Taikodani inari jinja.

As you know, the old castles were usually built on high mountains. Therefore, we have to go up by chair lift.

Of course you could also climb up by walking. However, it takes 40 minutes.   It should be fine as long as you can enjoy walking and the sightseeing all the way from the shrine even though it takes long. In spring, flowers of various colors, in autumn, many colored leaves delight the eyes of climbers.

 Before going up to the mountain, a receptionist will hand you a bell at the reception desk. Ring this as you walk so as not to encounter bears. Ring a bell all the time and you’ll keep away from danger. The lift entertains visitors 5 minutes ‘walking’ in the air. Travelers should prepare him/herself mentally before if he/she has a fear of heights. Small children should ride with an adult.

It is a 15-minute walk to get to the top of the mountain. You will have trouble walking over the bad road because the road is rocky and bumpy. There are a lot of walking sticks for free.

The view from there is beautiful. The mountain commands a view of the whole town. Climbers will feel like he is a bird looking down from the sky.


※The lift is closed for repairs from this December to next February. They are going to restart on the first of March.

【Tonomachi – dori ave. (殿町通り)】

津和野町観光協会  〒 699 – 5605  島根県津和野町後田イ71 – 2

TEL : (0856) 72 – 1771           FAX : (0855) 72 – 1191      Website:



10 minutes walk from Tsuwano station will bring you to 殿町通り street. There were many traditional houses for samurai along the street.

Even though they are old, they are still beautiful. Those houses show people exactly what Japan was like.

That is why a lot of tourists visit here.

There are many canals in this area. Many years ago, people who were living there made it just in case of an emergency like a fire. This is why this area is well irrigated.

Also they kept carp in the canals as emergency provisions. It is said that there are over 80,000 carp or ten times the human population. They are not kept for food anymore. They are known as a symbol of Tsuwano and an important tourist attraction.

All electric poles and wires are buried under the ground for the view.

The old fashioned buildings, carp and lovely irises make Tsuwano an attractive tourist destination.

※Be sure to look out for cars because this stone pavement is not pedestrian precinct.


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