Taikodani shrine


Taikodani-Inari Jinja Shrine


Place: Goda 409, Tsuwano town, Shimane. 15min walk from Tsuwano station. TEL: 0856-72-0219

Tikodani-Inari Jinja Shrine was made by Tsuwano local lord in the hope that people and clan would live in peace and quiet. The lord has faith in this shrine. People could visit this shrine after clan ran out. And Taikodani-Inari Jinja Shrine is one of the five Inari-Jinja shrine.Fushimi-Inari( 伏見稲荷大社 ) in Kyoto, Kasama-Inari ( 笠間稲荷神社 ) in Ibaragi, Takekoma ( 竹駒神社 ) in Miyagi, Yutoku-Inari ( 祐徳稲荷神社 ) in Saga, and Taikodani-Inari Jinja.

Inari-Okami ( 稲荷大神 )

Inari-Okami ( Okami = God ) had faith as God of the productiveness of grain and prosperous business since Edo era. Taikodani-Inari Jinja shrine is enshrined as God of wish fulfillment.

History of ‘ Inari (稲成) ‘

We usually write Inari like this ‘’稲荷’’. But Taikodani Inari Jinja Shrine’s Inari kanji is ‘’稲成’’. It has a history. A Long time ago, a man who was the guardian of warehouse lost the key. Because of this, he was sentenced to death to take responsibility. The man prayed fervently to find the key. But he couldn’t find the key until execution day. Finally, he found the key because he prayed devoutly. He got his desire(=wish fulfillment, 願望就 ). This way, Taikodani-Inari Jinja kanji is 稲.

We can obtain Omikuji which are written fortune at shrine. Omikuji is like a fortune cookie. And there is unique machine. This machine looks like Shishimai’s lion.  (Shishimai is kind of dancing which use costume looks like lion.). This machine takes Omikuji instead us. And give it to us. Please try it!



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