Grand Toit

Entrance of the museumGrand Toit is the compound institution; museum and theater. In Iwami Art Museum, you can enjoy many kinds of Art at 4 exhibition rooms, such as Japanese style art, modern art, Fashion and so on. Exhibitions change many times in a year and those schedules are in their website.

In theater you can enjoy classic live-music, Japanese traditional plays, movies and so on. Event information is also available in their website.

The building is covered with Sekisyu-Gawara(石州瓦:tiles which is famous in Iwami area). In fact, 120 thousands tiles for roof and 160 thousand tiles are used and it does not only protect the building but also makes the building looks beautiful. The name ‘Grand Toit’(グラントワ) describe how it looks like. In French, “Grand” means big and “Toit” means roof.

Not only Sekisyu-gawara, there are many works which are related in Iwami area. This statue is one example. This is “Orochi” which is a giant snake in Japanese, one character played in Iwami Kagura(石見神楽: a special theatrical dance which shows myths in this area). It is fine piece of work of Mr. Sumikawa Kiichi(澄川喜一) who is a famous architecture from Shimane. He is famous for Tokyo sky tree and he also made the big statue in University of Shimane.

In Grand Toit, there is French Restaurant called “Pony”. Good quality French dishes are available for both lunch and dinner. You can also have full course menu. They serve   local fresh fish and vegetable, and that makes dishes even more delicious. If you want to take a break, you can just have coffee or tea with some sweets.

Why don’t you try this restaurant when you visit Grand Toit ?


If you would like to know more about Grand Toit, please check this homepage. Information is available in English, Chinese, and Korean. You can also check some movies of event in this website.

souvenir shop 

Grand Toit

Address: 5-15 Ariake-cho, Masuda-shi, Shimane-ken, 698-0022 JAPAN





Business time:


Restaurant Pony


website: (Japanese only)

Holiday: every second and forth Tuesday

Lunch time: 11:30~14:00

Tea time: 14:00~18:00

Dinner time: 18:00~(22:00)

You need reservation for Dinner.

They also accept reservation of big group for restaurant wedding, party after wedding, welcome party, farewell party and so on.

The close time is depend on what time the events finish.


Dinner Menu

*menu A (\2,500)

Today’s soup

Big fried prawn or Salisbury steak



Coffee or Tea


*menu B(\3,200)


Today’s hours d’oeuvre

Fish or Chicken confit



Coffee or Tea


menu C(\5,250)


Today’s hors d’oeuvre

Shimane beef steak with Madeira wine sauce



Coffee or Tea

*They accept reservation of menu C at least 2 people group.


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