Misumi Park

Misumi Park

(Misumi Bairin Park)

 There is a good place in Misumi Cho, Hamada City…

 Next to Misumi temple, there is Misumi Park which is famous for Ume and azaleas.

 In this park, there are about 1000 of Ume trees on the hill. In the middle of February to the middle of March is the  best time to see Ume blossoms.

There are also, 50,000 of azaleas here and every May during golden week May 3rd, 4th, 5th “The azalea festival” is held.

During “the azalea festival”, there are some shops around here and it’s good to go for walk. There is also a performance of Japanese traditional dance, “Kagura”(神楽). This place is  one of the best place for azaleas in the Chugoku region (Shimane, Tottori, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, and Okayama) and many people come here to see azaleas every year.

Late April to early May is the best time to visit!

Unfortunately, when we visited here for our seminar trip (27th, April), azaleas were not out yet.

You should go here during Golden Week.

Anyway, we climbed up to the hill.

There are some signs ways to top of hill.


To the top, it takes about ten minutes and you can see good sight from the hill.

There were many Ume trees that bearing Ume.


Address: 〒699-3211 Misumi, Misumi Cho Hamada, City Shimane

Tell: 0855-32-2104 ( 浜田市観光協会三隅支部)



Bus from “三保三隅駅”(8minutes)

Stop over at “三隅支所前”

Walk (5 minutes)

 ※no bus service on Sunday


Car from 三保三隅駅 (5 minutes)


Homepage: http://www.kankou-hamada.org/


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