Mount Sankai

 In Hamada, there are a lot of hills and mountains but Mt. Sankai is one of the symbols of Hamada city. The height of this mountain is only 378 meters. In summer you can enjoy camping there and in winter you can see it covered with snow from the University of Shimane. It’s good for hiking in every season except winter. It takes one hour or so to get to the top of the mountain from the University of Shimane. There are buses to get to the University of Shimane, or by car approach from route 9. Many exchange students stay at the University of Shimane, so there are signs for getting there in English, Korean, and Chinese.

 On the way to top of the mountain, the forests are beautiful. Two big antennas in the forest may surprise you. Actually they are 19 meters tall. You can see them from the University of Shimane. They were used in the past but now their job is done by cables. Walk up higher and you’ll see a parking area and torii, gate. If you are with little kids, or have trouble walking, I recommend that you park and walk from there. Torii is the gate of shrine, Sankai Shrine.

Go up a steep slope, and you will find the wooden observatory. The view from there is really good. You can see Hamada city, but it’s dangerous for children to climb up the wooden observatory. After the observatory, it doesn’t take not so long to get to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain there is a shrine and a grassy space, with a stone table and chairs. How nice for picnic it is! You can enjoy having lunch there. But be careful! There are a lot of kites and they always try to steal your food.

On the way to Mt. Sankai there are some good facilities. Near Mihashi elementary school there is a Soba restaurant, Yamashiro. It’s a small restaurant but the food is delicious. Go up higher and there is Hamada Children’s Museum of art. Its building is beautiful and unique. Although the name is children’s museum, not only children but also adults can also enjoy their exhibits. Children can make some handicrafts.

And next to Children’s museum there is University of Shimane. It’s not such a big University but every day visitors come. You can enjoy cheap meals in the Cafeteria, and great meals and beautiful landscape of ocean in the restaurant, View line. When it comes to an ocean view, the best place to see a beautiful view is from the University of Shimane. Pass through the unique monument near the bus stop, there are many steps. Go down the all steps, and you’ll see a bench. You can enjoy the sunset from there.

Visitors can use library if you apply to a librarians for entrance. There are not only many Japanese books but also English books. Any Hamada full-time residents over the age of 18 can make a library card.

Mt. Sankai camp site

Address: Mihashi-cho(town), Hamada-shi(city), Shimane-ken

Phone number: 0855-22-0620

Business term: 1 July~ 31 August

Fee: Tents for 300 yen

Transport: car→From Hamada road Hamada IC to National road 9

train→use Sannin main line and get off at Hamada station

teushi-mendokoro Yamashiro(Soba restaurant)

Address: 2701-13, takezako, Hamada, Shimane

Phone nmber:0855-22-4550

Business time:10:00am~3:00pm, 5:00pm~7:00pm

Regular holiday: indefinite



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