Asari Beach & Komosawa Campground

Asari beach (浅利海水浴場)

 Shimane has many beautiful beaches and Asari beach is one of them. Asari beach is not so famous but it’s worth going and swimming because the view is great!!!

 This beach opens in the middle of July every year. You can use a shower for free and there are bathrooms and changing rooms. At the beach, camping, wind surfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing are forbidden and you are not allowed to camp or to make a fire to protect nature. But you can enjoy camping in the camping place near the beach. Komosawa park campground is a good place to try. It takes only 5 minutes from Asari beach to the campsite.

There are few restaurants and shops near the beach but you can go to Honmachi by car. Honmachi has some lovely restaurants and unique cafes so have lunch or dinner there.

Mamechaka, a café in Honmachi

 Please cooperate in keeping the beach beautiful!


Address: Asari Gotsu city Shimane

Swimming season: Middle of July~middle of August (After this time there may be jelly fish in the sea so don’t swim!) (Japanese only)


Komosawa park campground (菰沢公園オートキャンプ場)

Komosawa park campground was built in 2003. The campsite is located in Komosawa park and there is a beautiful lake. At the lake, you can enjoy black bass fishing. The park has a skateboard ground and a basketball court so children can enjoy there.

There is a space for 44 tents and three types of campsite (Individual tent site A, Individual tent site B and Group tent site) in Komosawa park. You can stay overnight. You can also pitch your tent for the day for a smaller fee.

Check in Check out
Stay overnight 2:00pm 11:00am
Day trip 10:00am 8:00pm

If you want to swim in the sea near the Komosawa park for a whole day or you are going the beach with your family, you could stay in the campsite. It’s cheaper and more enjoyable to stay in a tent than to stay at a hotel. If you have a pet, it’s difficult to stay a hotel but you can stay at a campsite with your pet.

Other information


tent site

A: stay over night 3,150 yen/ a site 23 sites For one family and a car
B: stay over night 3,460 yen/ a site 11 sites
Day trip 1,680 yen


tent site

Stay over night 1,680 yen 10 sites For one family and a car
Day trip 1,050 yen

*There are bathrooms and showers (300 yen for five minutes).

*There are parking spaces and two cooking areas in Individual Site A. But the cooking areas don’t have sinks and mains electricity.

*You need to make a reservation to stay in Komosawa park campground.

(0855-55-1188 in Japanese only)


Gotsu tourism association (江津市観光協会)

Tel: 0855-52-05344 Fax: 0855-52-0644  (9:00am~5:00pm)

Address: JR Gotsu Station 926-4 Gotsu Gotsu city Shimane 695-0011 (Japanese only)


written by Emi Y


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