Accomodation in Arifuku

Ryokan Higuchi (旅館樋口)

is a very beautiful Japanese style hotel and small groups will really enjoy a stay here. Check out their website for much better pictures!

Rooms——All of the rooms are traditional Japanese style with tatami floors and futons for sleeping. There are many different seasonal specials and you can choose a plan that also includes freshly made Japanese meals! You can also reserve a room on the internet. (13,650yen~)

Bath——This traditional style Japanese inn features nine different style bath tubs for you to choose from. These mini-spas are private baths, perfect for romantic couples.

* Use of these baths is in the traditional Japanese style of bathing without a swimsuit.

Cuisine—–You can enjoy many local delicacies such as seasonal vegetables, fresh sea food caught in Shimane and Shimane beef. You can eat in the privacy of your room at the time of your choosing, or enjoy eating with a larger group in the party room.


Ryokan Higuchi (旅館樋口)

TEL: 0855-56-2111 FAX: 0855-56-2112 (Japanese only)

ADRESS: Arifukuonsen Gotsu (江津市有福温泉町) (Japanese) (English)


Ryokan Nushiya (旅館ぬしや)

There are many interesting packages available, including a “Wedding plan,” a “Golf plan” and you can even rent the entire Inn for a short time.

Rooms——- Traditional Japanese style rooms and semi-Western style rooms are available. In the Japanese style rooms, you can experience the traditional way of sleeping on futons on tatami floors.  These Japanese rooms have a private outdoor bath. In the semi-Western style rooms, there are beds if you don’t like the idea of sleeping on the floor (Japanese style) . (18,900yen~)

Bath—– This traditional inn has both outdoor baths and indoor baths. The baths are spacious. The outdoor bath is made of rocks. As a guest of this hotel, you can reserve the baths for free at the front desk (20:00~23:30). There are also larger baths for families.

* Use of these baths is in the traditional Japanese style of bathing without a swimsuit.

Cuisine——- The chef prepares fresh seafood from Hamada port, organic vegetables and Matsunaga beef daily. If you have a food allergy, please tell the staff in advance.


Ryokan Nushiya (旅館ぬしや)

TEL: 0855-56-2121 FAX: 0855-56-2011 (Japanese only)

ADRESS: 955 Arifukuonsen Gotsu (江津市有福温泉町955) (Japanese)


Ogawa-ya (小川屋旅館)

This hotel is especially accommodating to guests with pets. This is the only hotel in Arifuku which has rooms available for guests who want to bring a pet. Of course, if you don’t have a pet, you are also more than welcome to stay at this hotel.

Rooms—— All of the rooms are Japanese style (sleeping on the floor on futons). There are different sizes of rooms so you can choose a room depending on the number of people in your party. You can also reserve a room on the internet. (10,650yen~)

Bath——The roof and walls of the private bath on the 4th floor are made of glass so you can enjoy the view of Arifuku and you can also enjoy watching the night sky in the evening.

Cuisine——-You can enjoy many local foods from Shimane. Each day the chef chooses seasonal food, fresh fish, crab and boar meat and prepares them especially for this hotel.


Ogawa-ya (小川屋旅館)

TEL: 0855-56-2021 (Japanese only)

ADRESS: 691 Arifukuonsen Gotsu (江津市有福温泉町691) (Japanese) (English)

                                                                                                                                                      Other Japanese-style hotels


Yoshidaya Ryokan (よしだや旅館)

TEL: 0855-56-2222 FAX: 0855-56-2221 (Japanese only)

ADRESS: 708 Arifukuonsen Gotsu (江津市有福温泉町708) (Japanese) (English)


Sangai Ryokan (三階旅館)

TEL: 0855-56-2211 (Japanese only)

ADRESS: 692 Arifukuonsen Gotsu (江津市有福温泉町692) (Japanese)


Watazuya Ryokan (わたずや旅館)

TEL: 0855-56-2231 FAX: 0855-56-2232 (Japanese only) (Japanese)


written by Emi Y


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