TORTENO~~western style gateau studio


Torteno is a cake shop located near Kintano-sato(きんたの里). This place offers butter cakes, roll cakes, cream puffs, cookies and jums. There are very few kind of sweets but all of them are handmade by people in Kanagi. What is unique about this shop is most of the sweets are made from local products in Kanagi. For example, pione jam(ピオーネjam): the brand name of grapes, is made from grapes that grow in Kanagi. And also the strawberry cream puff is made from strawberry which grows in Kanagi. Moreover, people can order cakes from online shopping.

【Business hours】

open: 9:00~17:00

close: Sunday



Work Kuwano-mi Toeteno

675-8, 7-jyou-i, Kanagi Hamada Shimane Japan

【Tel, Fax】




12km from Hamada station. Go straight to road 186 to Hiroshima about 15 minutes. It is on the left side on the road 186.

【blog and more details】

clidk here♪♪

online shopping here


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