Sekishu-Washi ~Making traditional paper activity~

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             石州和紙 ( Sekishu-Washi )  紙すき体験( Making traditional paper activity )

Place : 〒699-3225 島根県浜田市三隅町古市場 ( Furuichiba, Misumityo, Hamada city, Shimane )

TEL : 0855-32-4170

e-mail :

Closing : Monday ( except holiday, but next weekday is close. ) 12/28~1/4

Open : 9:00~17:00

Admission : FREE

Activity charge : postcard size ( 2 sheets )…525 yen  A3 size…1,260 yen Color paper ( 2 paper ) : 1,575 yen

Sekishu-washi has a long history of about 1300 years. And we can experience paper pressing in there. The technique of how to make Sekishu-washi has been handed down through the ages. You can make Sekishu-washi in their ancient way. You can take it home on that day. The elementary schools, near the Sekishu-washi kaikan, make their own graduation certification by themselves. And if you make post card, you can send it to your family or friends.

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