birds          In Gotsu city, in the town of Sakurae, there is a nature park and leisure facilities called Kazenokuni. The Kazenokuni complex consists of many entertainment options including a hot spring, restaurant, park and outdoor amusement spaces, as well as accommodation for overnight stay.  Kazenokuni is surrounded by abundant nature, so people can walk around the area and enjoy Japanese seasonal views.  People can see very rare red or blue birds called Akashobin and Sankocho during the summer.       風の工房 entrance風のギャラリー 看板

In Kazenokuni, there are spaces to experience making handmade wooden works or simple helicopter-like bamboo toys, and traditional paper-making techniques.  A craftsman, Mr Makoto Sasaki, who is conversant with Japanese traditional paper gives instructions on how to make traditional paper goods.  Some of Mr Sasaki’s beautiful work like the paper lantern below is on display and for sale. When we visited, he showed us round his workshop and kindly explained how paper was made. Paper made in the Iwami region has long been famous for its sturdiness since the Edo era. You can see a kimono made from paper in the workshop.  There are also beautiful paper crafts that you can buy.   Kazenokuni has many fun activities!

Written by Natsuki

風のギャラリー Big lampcolorful   cloth mede by paper

 “風の国 (Kazenokuni)”
Tel: 0855-92-0001
Address: 2696, Hase Sakurae-cho, Gotsu city
Website: http://kazenokuni.jp/



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