Aquasland ( children’s playground)

Aquasland is located above the main Aquas aquarium. Go up through the gate on the 2nd floor and then up the slope; you will see the park and the information board below. You can enter the park and enjoy playing there without having to pay to enter the aquarium. So, when the weather is good, many families visit with children and they can have a nice time. At this park, you can experience getting close to nature and living creatures. This park also has a guide in Braille and a slope for people in wheelchairs.

There are many kinds of play equipment in Aquasland. Of the 30 or so, the biggest one in this park is a slide which is called the Hayabusa Slider, which is located next to the information board. This slide uses rollers, so when you slide on it, you should take care not to hurt your bottom. Some people bring cardboard to sit on. There is also a smaller slide for younger children.

There are also other unique attractions such as a “Tarzan” Rope line and a climbing tunnel and a hammock.





One word of warning, birds of prey know this area well. If you try to eat a packed lunch or snack, watch out! The birds will swoop down and relieve you of your food.

(written by Tomoharu)


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