Modern rickshaw


This man-powered taxi was made in Germany. It was introduced to Japan in 2000. This taxi has been used for 6 years. But at first, some people objected because the taxi does not go well with the scenery. However, this system is popular with visitors, especially elderly people.

If you can understand Japanese, you can listen to the history and other information about Iwami-Ginzan from the taxi driver. It’s so interesting.

You can hail the taxi if you call 080-1645-0212, 0854-89-0212. However, you’ll need to speak a little Japanese to do this.

Time: 9:00~17:00 (Weather permitting)

Fare: per person

Ginzan Park~Ryugenzimabu

<adult> 2200yen (one-way), 4100yen

<child> 1600yen(one-way), 2900yen

Ginzan Park~Daikanshosekimae

<adult> 1000yen(one-way),

<child> 700yen(one-way)

Daikanshosekimae~Ginzan Park



Maximum capacity: 2 adults


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