There are many restaurants in Hamada, but  this one is not so well-known. You  can have a special lunch and it has a good atmosphere.
About two minutes on foot from Hamada station you can find this Japanese-style restaurant, Sakamoto.
You’ll see the convenience store “Coco” in front of you as you exit Hamada Station. Go straight until you reach the traffic signal in front of “Coco” then turn right. Go straight until you see the restaurant on your left.
In front of the restaurant, there is a menu board  with  “Today’s lunch” written on it.
They serve good sea food from Hamada. The  vegetables and rice are from Yasaka village, which is the owner’s home town.

There is a one small room, 4×3 TATAMI seats and 4 counter seats.

Tel: 0855-22-8772 (Japanese only)
Fax: 0855-22-8775
Adress: 1557 Asai Cho, Hamada City
Open: 11am-2pm
Closed: Sunday (delivery is available)
Free parking area located in front of the restaurant is available.(4cars)

by Kaori


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