Yakimono Kan~やきもの館~

Yunotsu flourished as a place of production for pottery. Outside Yakimono kan, you can see some climbing kilns and you can also learn the history of Yunotsu yaki (or Yuntosu pottery) in Yakimono Kan.







In this place, you can buy some ceramics such as plates, cups or vases. You can also try to make pottery. It will take about one hour and you can make one or two things such as plates, mugs, or teabowls.

  1. Making course (40~60 min)

You can make items such as a plate, teacup, mug, or an animal. You are able to be instructed by the staff. So you can try to make it without too much difficulty. You can make two items from one lot of clay.

Adults: 1,800 yen

Junior / High school: 1,500 yen

Elementary school: 1,200 yen

2. Painting course (30 ~ 60 min)

This is a good course for a person who does

not have enough time to make pottery or who feels it is too difficult to make something There are some items which are almost complete and you can paint a picture or write some letters on them.

Charge : 500 yen ~


A professional class is held for who want to make more pottery

Open; 9:00~17:00 / : ~16:00 (You don’t need to book in advance)

Closed: End of year holidays 30 December until 4 January

Please check in advance that they will be open during your visit

Admission: Free

Address: 〒699-2501 Yunotsuイ 22-2, Yunotsu town, Oda city, Shimane prefecture


Call:0855-65-4139 (Japanese only)

E-mailiwami.mono@gmail.com (Japanese only)

Web: http://yakimono.yunotsu.org/


Closest station: Yunotsu station (take a bus or taxi from the station)

You can walk from the onsen street in about 15 minutes

~By car~

It takes about 25 minutes from Iwami Ginzan World Heritage Center (石見銀山世界遺産センター)

It takes about 50 minutes from Aquas.(しまね海洋館アクアス)

It takes about 70 minutes from the Izumo Taisha.(出雲大社)


(From:  http://yakimono.yunotsu.org/)


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