Shinyu Café Kuranojo ~震湯カフェ 内蔵丞~

Shinyu Café is located right next to Yakushi-yu, which is a famous hot spring in Yunotsu.

The building itself is quite attractive.  You can enjoy the atmosphere of Taisho period and European antiques.

For lunch, they offer what they call ‘a traditional magistrate meal’ or beef curry. The  traditional magistrate meal is a dish from the Edo period (400 years ago). The Naito family was having this kind of dish which includes hot spring egg (soft-boiled egg), Japanese style risotto with seasonal vegetables, and steamed vegetables)

traditional magistrate meal ~1000 yen~                       Beef Curry ~800 yen~

You can also enjoy sweets, tea, coffee and so on.

Hot Spring Cappuccino ~500 yen~

Healthy Local Tea ~300 yen~

Chinese wolfberry fruit chiffon cake ~500 yen~

After enjoying hot spring, why don’t you visit this cafe for good refreshment?

Shinyu Cafe

Business hours: 11:00~17:00 (Last order 16:30 )

Regular holiday: Thursday

TEL:0855-65-4126 ( Japanese only)

Address:〒699-2501 Yunotsu, Oda, Shimane


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