Yu – ki (遊 亀):traditional Japanese restaurant


I went to “Yu-ki (遊亀)” to eat lunch. It is located near “Katsushika Hokusai museum.” It takes about 5~10 minutes from Tsuwano station. This restaurant has a quaint atmosphere and they serve traditional food. A small river flows through the restaurant, so the staff catch carp and trout from there and make a dish. You can eat very fresh fish!

1897922_1458053531097698_825233278755628153_n       10255955_1458053617764356_2551590700631032393_nYou can also eat Tsuwano’s traditional food “Uzume meshi” (うずめ飯) which includes vegetables, cooked fish and rice. And the restaurant displays traditional Japanese things. If you want to enjoy a quaint atmosphere and traditional foods, I recommend “Yu-ki(遊亀)”!

Hours of opening: Monday to Sunday

Lunch 11:00~15:00 Dinner 18:00~20:00

※dinner is only by reservation Average budget 1000~2000yen

(written by Ruri)


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