Restaurant Irodori ∼レストラン彩~

Kouboku no Mori (香木の森) has some great restaurants.
If you enjoy a nice view while you are eating, I recommend Restaurant Irodori (レストラン彩)! This restaurant is located in the Kouyukan (香遊館) that also has accommodations and a good hot spring, “Kiri no yu” (霧の湯). You can use these facilities. The building is really clean and new, and it has a relaxed atmosphere.


In this restaurant, you can enjoy eating special beef known as Iwami beef, which comes from the local town of Onan-cho. This beef comes from a select herd of cows, and only 200 are raised each year. You can eat this beef in the Sukiyaki style. But if you want to enjoy this special beef, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance and, as you’d expect, it costs a little more that ordinary beef.

This restaurant has about thirty items on the menu. It uses special herb rice, and you can enjoy eating seasonal food from the local area . The price is reasonable, ranging from 500 yen to 3000 yen. And it also has some set course menu such as nabe (a traditonal Winter dish of veg and meat cooked in broth) or Shabushabu style ( meat dipped briefly into boiling water to cook it, served with sesame or citrus sauce). These set courses cost from 3,000yen to 7,000yen.

(The picture  above is autumn Irodori tempura set menu)

・You can choose in a varieties, such as wheat noodle or rice bowl dishes, and some set menu. (500 yen~2,000yen)

And the great thing is that you can point at the pictures if you can’t read Japanese!

~Irodori course~(彩コース) (you need 2 or more people)
・top choice Iwami Japanese cattle steak course : 7,000yen
・top choice Iwami Japanese cattle Shabushabu course : 7,000yen
・top choice Iwami Japanese cattle Sukiyaki course : 7,000yen
・Japanese cattle Sukiyaki & crab nabe : 5,000yen
・The local Iwami pork Shabushabu course : 4,000yen
・Irodori nabe course : 4,000yen

~Nabe set~ (you need 2 or more people)
・top choice Iwami Japanese cattle Sukiyaki & Shabushabu : 5,000yen
・Japanese Sukiyaki & crab nabe : 4,000yen
・The local Iwami pork Shabushabu : 3,000yen
・Irodori nabe (you can choose a tasty nabe flavor, such as kimchi or spicy Chinese noodle etc…) : 3,000yen

Open 11:00~15:00 / 17:00~21:00 (Last order 20:30)

Access: it takes about 40 minutes by car from Hamada station to Kouboku no Mori (香木の森) via the Hamada highway.

Address: 〒696-0103 8532-2 Yakami, Onancho, Ochigun, Shimane.
TEL: 0855-95-3505 / FAX: 0855-95-3507

Irodori’s Website:  (Japanese only)
by Tomoharu.I


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