Jomon Village ~ 縄文村 ~

Finding Jomon Mura is a little bit difficult, but well worth the effort. Use the video at the bottom of this page to get an idea of how to drive to the restaurant from the Iwami/Mizuho exit of the Hamada highway.

Jomon Mura is an organic restaurant. You can enjoy delicious dishes.  The foods which are served are from the local area. It is a buffet style restaurant, so you can eat a variety of different dishes. The foods change with the season.

This picture shows the view from the restaurant. You can chose to eat outside or inside but in the Winter the outdoor area may be covered in snow!

This building and furniture look old , but these are all new things. To look like old things, these are processed. Because of this, the building and furniture suit the landscape.

The owner said,  ” Recently, it’s difficult to eat traditional dishes, I think. But traditional dishes are not only good for our health but also delicious dishes. I want many people to try traditional Iwami dishes. So, my father and I opened this restaurant. ”

Many of the dishes are vegetarian but there are some meat products so vegetarians and vegans would be advised to check with the  staff, who speak English. Sometimes ” Botan – nabe ( 牡丹鍋 ) ” or wild boar meat stew is served.

This video shows how to reach Jomon Mura from the highway.

〒696 – 0103    Yakami, Ohnancho, Ohnangun, Shimane

TEL : 0855 – 95 – 1341     FAX : 0855 – 95 – 1341      E – mail :

Be warned: this restaurant is very popular on weekends and national holidays. Make a reservation!


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