Craft Kan in Koboku no mori (香木の森クラフト館)

Craft Kan is a place where people can buy and make original items from natural materials such as essential oils, dried flowers, nuts, seeds, and pine cones.

You can make your own original lovely stand!

  1. Choose your favorite frame.
  2. Choose your favorite dried flowers and nuts
  3. Stick flowers and nuts on the frame you chose with a glue gun. You can design whatever you want!
  4. Done! ^^ These are the finished goods which we made when we visited Craft Kan.

You can also have other choices!

  • Craft options
  • Log art (800 yen)
  • Dried flower badge (300 yen)
  • Flower kaleidoscope (500 yen)
  • Mini wreath (800 yen)
  • Flower key accessory (300 yen)
  • Wood pendant (300 yen)
  • Room fragrance (1000 yen)
  • Flower postcards (300 yen)
  • Pot-pourri (600 yen)
  • Wall decoration (500 ~ 800 yen)
  • Treasure box (1000 yen)
  • Shopping

You can enjoy not only handicrafts but also shopping at Craft Kan. There are many kinds of handmade wreathes, cell phone charms, room fragrances and bath goods.

Craft Kan (クラフト館)

Tel: 0855-95-2369

Address: 7154-10 Yakami Ohnancho Ohchigun Shimane 696-0103

Open: 10:00am ~ 5:00pm / Closed on Tuesdays





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