Ryuunji (龍雲寺)

Ryuunji is a Soto Zen temple. Misumi Nobukane built and founded this temple in 1382. This temple is also called “Kaikurasan.” This temple is on the Takagi mountainside. Therefore, if you go to there, you have to pass through a narrow and winding road. This temple is about 2 kilometers from Misumi temple, so you can go by car in about 10 ~ 15 minutes.

This temple has a beautiful building and garden. Nature surrands this temple, and you can see scenic views around there. In the pond, there are some creatures like newts and tadpoles. If you enter the front door, you will see a small bell for calling the chief priest.

In the main hall there is an Amida statue. Amida statue is statue for Buddhist people to pray. You can see a carving of a dragon above the sliding door. If you look up at the roof, you can see the picture of a big dragon! This is the reason that this temple is called Ryuunji, or dragon cloud temple.

 This temple contains a prefecturally-designated cultural property and some cultural properties like statues and a Buddhist sutra. Japanese pictures are drawn on sliding doors inside the temple.

Address: 909 Ashiya, Misumi town, Hamada city, Shimane.

Call: 0855-32-0960



Tomoharu. I


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