Lake Banryu -蟠竜湖-

If you want an active day out, look no further than Takatsu town in Masuda city. There is a lake there called Lake Banryu where you can enjoy boating, feeding carp, or having a stroll.  Lake Banryu is a part of  a Prefectural Nature Park.  In the park, there is also Kakinomoto shrine, Park Manyo, and Manyo botanical garden.  Local people enjoy walking around there through four seasons.  Flowers bloom in spring, and in Autumn, leaves change the beautiful color.

At lake Banryu, you can enjoy boating on the lake.  There are two kinds of boats: one is a pedal boat (for two people) and the other is a rowboat (for three people).  Pedal boats (there are two types) cost 1000 yen for 20 minutes in the dinosaur-shaped ones, and the plainer type costs 600 yen for 20 minutes. (Overtime will cost 300 yen for every 10 minutes so make sure you watch your time.)  Rowboats cost 500 yen for 30 minutes, (Overtime will cost 100 yen for every 10 mins.)  This is a great day out with children or on a date. The boats are available on weekdays but you won’t be allowed to rent one during high winds.

You can also enjoy fishing at the lake (600 yen for an hour.), or feeding carp in the lake.  There is a café ‘Tokoen’ at the edge of a lake where you can have coffee while enjoying  the scenery.

Tel : 0856-22-7120 (Japanese only)

HP : (japanese website but you can see some nice pictures of the park)







by Natsuki


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