Takeshita Buriki Store (竹下錻力店)

At the Machinami chiku area near Iwami Ginzan, you can find a very nice souvenir shop. It’s on the main street so you can’t miss it.

It is called Takeshita Buriki Store (竹下錻力店). They sell not only souvenirs like cookies, candy but also miscellaneous goods: pottery, old-fashioned wind chimes for the summer, and traditional wooden toys. It’s great for buying Japanese souvenirs. The owner of the store was so nice and kind. She was very friendly.

The master made “Kantera”, the lamps used when the miners worked  down the silver mine, until two years ago. You can see one of those lamps in the bottom left picture.

You can also enjoy a nostalgic atmosphere here.

Image      Image

Image      Image


Address: 171 Ha Komano-asi Oomori-Cho Ooda City, Shimane (島根県大田市大森町駒の足ハ171)

Tel: 0854-89-0544 (Japanese only)

Opening hours: 9:00~18:00

Holiday : Not fixed.

(written by Eri)













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