Kyuan (鳩庵)

ゼミ4I found a nice variety store on the main street in Iwamiginzan. It’s called ‘Kyuan’ (鳩庵). They sell clothes, scarves, cell phone charms and some kind of accessories made of silver.

The best part of this store is that many of those items are handmade. So, the clothes are soft and comfortable. If you go there, you can get many kinds of tiny candy boxes. They are not real candies, but really small accessories. Those are my favorite and so cute!!

o0720040512578176250      ゼミ2 ゼミ3






I think this store is a little difficult to find. Please use this map from Google Maps. And look for this sign on the right.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 8.59.04 AM









Address: 〒694-0305 島根県大田市大森町イ805

Tell: 090-1335-8615 ( Japanese only)

Closed on Tuesday and Thursday

(written by Narumi)


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