Gungendo Cafe (群言堂)

On the main street in Iwami-Ginzan, you can find a really cool variety store with a nice atmosphere called “Gungendou” (群言堂). They sell clothes, shoes, glasses, dishes, post cards…and so on. They also have a restaurant inside the store. In the restaurant, you can eat really unique delicious dishes which you cannot eat at an ordinary restaurant. They are also healthy too, using many vegetables. All of dishes are about 1000 yen. There is a display gallery upstairs, and in early summer 2014  you could see decorations made from bamboo. Here are some pictures.

群言堂 群言堂1 群言堂2 群言堂3

The address:183 Ohmori, Ohdashi, Shimane, Japan

Important Information : Opening hours From 10AM to 6PM.
Closed on New years holiday
Tel. (0854)89-0077 (Japanese only)


(written by Narumi)


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