Cafe Ju-ru(住留)

Café Ju-ru(住留)

This place is near Iwami-ginzan park (Look for 石見銀山公園 on the map, or ask  for directions to “Iwami Ginzan Koen”). If you walk  about 5 minutes from the park, you can reach here.  (See the map below. You can pick up these maps free in the town.) Look out for the red sign with CAFE written on it in block letters.

Cafe Ju-ru  serves delicious curry and pizza, sweets and drinks. This restaurant’s curry is really good. It’s made of Shimane beef and the rice is grown in Ohda city. You can also eat parfait, cake, and ice cream for dessert. The parfait is made of fresh fruits, including some raspberries grown near the store. The restaurant’s atmosphere is lovely. It looks like an old Japanese house. You can relax and enjoy the retro interior.

10337748_504909866276346_8477910785230903278_n      10369196_504909579609708_4360840399720766338_n    10428658_504909796276353_1811343057466443790_n  10360453_504909689609697_7832808497202103929_n

Address: 206 ha O-moricho Hamada Shimane

Tel:0854-89-0866 (Japanese only)

Hours of opening: Tuesday to Sunday (Monday is holiday)

10:00 ~ sunset


Average budget: 420 yen~1300 yen



(written by Ruri)


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