Arima koukenn dou (有馬光栄堂) Sweets


Arima koukenn dou (有馬光栄堂) is a traditional Japanese-style confection store, located near Machinami kouryu center (町並み交流センター) in Machinami area. It was established at the end of the Edo period.  In the past, there were a lot of stores selling Japanese sweets, but now only Arima koukenn dou survives.

Look out for this sign on the main street in Omori.


The store specializes in two kinds of Japanese sweets. One is “Getanoha (げたのは)”, which is recgnized as a  brand of Oda city. It is baked from flour and brown sugar.


The other sweet is  called “Ginzan Ame”, or silver mine candy.  It’s a soy bean candy. You can try them as food samples. And you can drink green tea for free. A lot of famous people have visited the store. For example, actors, reporters and comedians.

Arima koukenn dou (有馬光栄堂)

TEL: 0854-89-0629

Address: 141 Omori Oda(島根県大田市大森町ハ141)

9:00 am~17:00pm

Open throughout the year

Payment: You can’t pay by credit card, so you pay by cash.


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