Uodamashii 魚魂

Uo means fish and damashii (tamashii) means soul. As can be expected from restaurant’s name, Uodamashii is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. In front of the restaurant’s entrance, menu and prices are written on the wooden boxes in Japanese, and so you can check it from outside too.
The restaurant is located not far from Hamada station, so you can go there from the station in 6 or 7 minutes going the southeast on foot. You can see its small wooden appearance on the corner next to Japanese style confectionary store. Leave the station and go straight along the road with kagura statues. You’ll pass a small department store called Iwataya. Cross the road and keep going straight. You’ll see a white-washed chimney of a sake factory. Uodamashi is across the road from that, next to the confectionary store. Look for the wooden frontage and wooden crates outside.
Inside the restaurant is little bit narrow with a bar counter for seating but there is also a big table seats for 6 or 7 as well as the counter seats.
This restaurant serves cheap but delicious rice bowl dishes.
Rice bowl menu
・ Seafood bowl (kaisen-don) 海鮮丼 1000 yen
・ Salmon & Salmon row bowl (Kaisen oyako-don) 海鮮親子丼 800 yen
・ Tempura bowl (ten-don) 天丼 500 yen
・ Deep-fried conger bowl (anago ten-don) あなご天丼 700 yen
・ Boiled and seasoned conger bowl (nianago-don) 煮あなご丼 700 yen
・ Jjigae bowl (yaki jjigae-don) 焼チゲ丼 800 yen *only in winter

There are other a la carte menu and drinks too.
Enjoy fresh seafoods and don’t miss the seasonal menu like Jjigae bowl in Uodamashii.

Uodamashii 魚魂
Address: 124-1 Kurokawa Cho, Hamada City, Shimane, Japan
Business hours: 11:00-14:00/ 17:00-
Closed: Monday

by Kaori


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