Seikoen (清香苑)


When you go straight from Hamada station, you can see Gintengai(銀天街). There are many restaurants in this street. Seikouen is located in Gintengai(銀天街). There is in right side when you stand with your back to the station. It is just a few minutes walk from the station.

Seikouen(清香苑) has provided Yakiniku and Ramen. There is used quality cooking ingredient. Also most of the vegetables, rice and eggs are locally produced in Hamada.

I’d like to introduce lunch sets.

It has a variety of menu. (Yakiniku, Ramen and Bibimbap) And you can eat it at reasonable prices. (¥850~¥1400)


This is Nakaochi Kalbi set (¥1000)

This is kinds of bone-less short rib.IMG_2775


■Adress 〒697-0024

4192 Kurokawa-cho Hamada Shimane

■TEL 0855-22-1202 (Japanese only)

■Closed Wednesday

■HP: (Japanese only)



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