Mameda -まめだ-

The main road from Hamada station is called 銀天街 (Gintengai). There are many restaurants, bars, and stores here  and  Mameda (Look out for the hiragana letters まめだ as you can see in the picture on the right) is famous for its cheap and delicious food. It’s such good value for money that it is very popular with students.

Mameda is not far from Hamada station. Only 3 minutes walk will take you here. It is only 240 meter from the station.

This restaurant serves fresh fish, caught in the Sea of Japan. The shop owner buys fish from fishermen direct every day. Those fresh fish are served raw, boiled  or grilled. There are various kinds of dishes.

This is chicken-katsu (fried chicken) set meal. A crunchy chicken with handmade Japanese food is really popular.

You can enjoy set meal besides such as a big bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs (Ask for 親子丼 or oyakodon), Japanese udon noodles (うどん or udon) and local sake (地酒 or jizake). If you are interested in sake tasting, people recommend this restaurant.

Not only  at lunch time but also at dinner time, this restaurant is crowded with many people. Average budget for this restaurant is about 1,000 yen ~ 1,500 yen. You can reserve a group party in large private room. But be sure to make reservation before you go. Especially on weekends, a lot of college students and office workers hold parties here.

There is no parking area. Using public transportation – trains, buses – is better. If you have your own car, park at the municipal management car park. It costs 100 yen per hour. But remember that Japan has a zero tolerance policy towards drink driving.

■Mameda まめだ

93-12 Kurokawa town, Hamada city, Shimane prefecture

TEL : 0855 – 23 – 2903


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