I-sann (韓菜韓茶 いーさん)


I went to I-sann (いーさん) to eat dinner. This restaurant is located along route 186. This restaurant serves delicious Korean food. I ate Korean rolled rice (韓風のりまき), cold noodles (冷麺), and ice shavings (パッピンス). All the food was really delicious. And you can eat other delicious Korean food. In the store, there is Korean music playing, so you can enjoy the atmosphere. And you can drink some tea. The tea is good for your health, you can choose by yourself what you want to heal or prevent. And you can grill meat.

You can enjoy Korean food at this restaurant even though you are in Shimane.

DSC_0365    DSC_0366 (1)


Address: 3898 Aioicho Hamada City Shimane Prefecture

Hours of opening: 11:00~ (Last order 22:00)

Tuesday is a holiday

(written by Ruri)


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