Seikouen – 清香苑 –

You can reach Seikouen in about  three minutes on foot from Hamada station.

You can enjoy roasted meat here. Seikouen is a restaurant  focused on  healthy ingredients and high quality meat. Most of the vegetables, rice and eggs are locally produced in Hamada.

A bibimbap (Korean rice with vegetables) contain egg, carrot, and Kimuchi and so on. You can make a choice between mentaiko (明太子) and chanja (チャンジャ). it come with soup and Kimuchi. It is 1400 yen. If you pay double, it come with a extra meat from cattle raised in Hamada.

Address: Kurokawa town 4192 Hamada city

Tell: 0855-22-1202 (Japanese only)

Open: Lunch 11:30 am~(last order )1:30 pm

Dinner 5:00 pm~(last order) 10:00 pm

The map below shows how close it is from the station.


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