Hanasoshi (はなそうし)

 A four-minute walk from Hamada station is a small French restaurant called Hanasoshi. The restaurant is a little difficult to find so look out for the sign above. (You can find it on the opposite side of the road from Pearl Dental Clinic.)

 “Calamari rizotto farci”

Hanasoshi is a famous restaurant in Hamada and it participates in the “Hama-gochi project“. There are three different chefs for French food, Italian food and Sushi. They use local ingredients. On 10th June this year, the restaurant’s new lunch menu, “Calamari rizotto farci”, was mentioned on “J-station”, a TV program.

      The interior is fashionable and there are many kinds of tables. For example, ordinary tables (like the picture put on the upper part of this article), a counter table, a large table for eight people and a Japanese-style table. If you reserve in advance, you can chose your table!

Japanese-style table

You can eat while you sit in a Japanese kotatsu and dangle your legs into the hollow in the floor.


Mr. Joichi is the owner. He is a kind man and he is often at the restaurant. His motto is “using local produce”. At this restaurant, you can always enjoy food from Shimane.


 The Daily Chef’s Special

 This restaurant serves French dishes which are a fusion of Japanese and French styles. Most Japanese guests use chopsticks, but you can also use a fork and a knife if you don’t like using them. The most popular dish at lunch time is The Daily Chef’s Special (1100yen). It costs only 1100 yen and it’s the most reasonable dish at this restaurant. But that does not mean that it is a small portion. In fact it is a set meal with hors d’ oeuvres, soup, a main dish, bread or rice, dessert and a drink.


Cheese hamburger steak (1600 yen)

 For people who like beef, there are three types of hamburger steaks which are made of Iwami beef. French hamburger steak, Cheese hamburger steak and Italian hamburger steak. This restaurant also serves dinner, and you can get takeaway dishes as well. They also offer party catering. (You need a reservation for dinner.)


 There are many dinner plans for a birthday party, wedding anniversary, girls’ party and so on. If you reserve a birthday plan, you can get a free birthday cake and you can choose the French-style course (3500 yen ~) or the Japanese-style course (4500 yen ~). When you have dinner with more than three women, you should order a girls’ party plan (2800 yen).  (They won’t check your age; all women can enjoy the girls’ party plan!) It includes cheese fondu and if you add 1000 yen, you can drink all you want from the drink menu for 90 minutes.


If you have any allergy or you are a vegetarian, you should make a reservation and tell the staff in advance. They will be happy to help you.


Hanasoshi (はなそうし)

TEL: 0855-23-8704

ADDRESS: 37-4 Kurokawa Hamada, Shimane

Open: 11:30am~2:00pm/ 5:30pm~9:00pm

Close: on Mondays

URL: http://www.sanin-chuo.jp/lady/modules/grm2/shop.php?id=832  (Japanese only)

      http://hamagochi.blog84.fc2.com/blog-entry-29.html (Japanese only)


written by Emi Y


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