Hachiemon (八右衛門)

 Hachiemon is a Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy lots of fresh sea food from Hamada’s port. Hamada’s claim to fame is that it  is one of eight important harbors appointed by the Government. So, it must be good! We can enjoy many kinds of fish: Doederleinia berycoides (のどグロ or Nodoguro), plaice (カレイ or Karei) and horse mackerel (あじ or Aji) are particularly famous.

In Hachiemon you can enjoy fresh raw fish (刺身 sashimi) or order Osashimi table d’hôte (お刺身定食 osasimi teisyoku). Kaisen-don (海鮮丼) is also popular. Kaisen-don is raw fish on a bed of rice. If you want to enjoy local food from Hamada, you should ask for  Iiyo-Hamada table d’hôte (いいよ!浜田定食  or Iiyo-Hamada teishoku. You can point to the Japanese characters at the start of this parenthesis if you want to order but can’ speak Japanese. We promise it doesn’t say anything bad.). You can also enjoy horse mackerel sashimi and fried horse mackerel. Another popular dish is Hachiemon table d’hôte. You can enjoy raw fish, with fish in broth, and tempura.

But if fish is not your cup of tea,  you can enjoy more than just fresh fish in Hachiemon. Iwami pork, raised in Onan town, is famous in this area. In Hachiemon, you can enjoy fried pork table d’hôte (ひれかつ定食 or hirekatsu teishoku) and hirekatsu-don (ひれかつ丼). Katsu-don is a really popular dish in Japan. This unique Japanese dish is made with deep-fried pork, onion with soy sauce, and other seasonings mixed with eggs. After that, it is put on a bowl of rice. Give it a try.

Hachiemon is in “Yuhi park”, the service area off Hamada bypass.  Yuhi means sunset in Japanese, so you can see the beautiful sunset and night view of the Hamada port and sea beyond. The squid boats with their bright lights are beautiful just as night falls. It is a great place to take your date! Yuhi Park is also good for families. There is a children’s swing park next to the restaurants. You can have picnics there and play with your children. There is grassy area for kicking a ball around; swings; a wooden climbing frame shaped like an old ship; and a butt-numbing slide. (We recommend from experience that you don’t try this unless you are under 10 years old!) There are also some big trees that are good for climbing if you have older, more adventurous kids. Be careful when eating outside because there are many sea hawks, called kites, around Hamada that are known for stealing food from unsuspecting people.


Adress: 1203-1, Harai town, Hamada city, Shimane

Business time : 11:00~20:00

Phone number : 0855-23-8007


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