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Gamu is a cafe. It takes about one minute on foot from Hamada station to Gamu. If you come out of the station and turn right, it is located on the narrow road near the police box. You should find it easily.

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Gamu has interesting dishes. The left picture is “Nashigoren”. It is an Indonesian dish. The cafe serves sea food and some spicy dishes. It is very delicious. I recommended it! Another favorite dish is Sicilian orange. It is good because it is a little sour and not too sweet. Gamu has other delicious desserts, too.

Gamu offers many dishes including Italian pastas, gratins, toasts and desserts. Also, you can relax there because you can listen to slow music. You will surely have a good time in Gamu!
TEL:0855-22-3808 (Japanese only)
Address: 56-33 Asai Cho, Hamada City
Open: 7:30am~9:00pm
Average budget: ¥400~¥1000

(written by Norimasa)


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