Beijing Fandian ~北京飯店~

If you want to enjoy Chinese food, why don’t you try Beijing Fandian? It is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Hamada. There are a lot of Chinese dishes. I recommend “Sanran-tamen” . I love this! It tastes like … sorry, I can’t explain. But it’s really good. And also, ” tan-tan-men ” is nice. Not only noodle dishes but also others dishes are very good. If you can’t read the menu, just ask for one of those dishes and you’ll be fine!

Place: Asahi 21-1, Hamada-city, Shimane

Time: 11:30~14:00 / 17:00~21:00

Holiday: Sunday, third of Saturday

TEL: 0855-22-5964 ( Japanese only)

(Written by Shota)


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